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Company profile

 A&A Naturomedica Bio-Dietetic Group SRL is the only company registered in Romania that offers a complete range of products of the highest quality, intended exclusively for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through Lifestyle Intervention, Hygienic-Beauty solutions, Bio-Dietary Nutrition, Orthomolecular Nutritional Supplements and Nutrigenetics. Our products (functional, organic and dietary foods, micro-nutritional preparations for professional orthomolecular use, anti-aging topical hygienic-beauty and dermato-cosmetic high class products) are accompanied – always for those interested – by special counseling for their use. We are the first in Romania to approach the pharmaceutical market and the medical world, in the context of promoting a Healthy Lifestyle and Dietary Nutrition. By the way, we actually have a medical background!


Our mission

To provide our end customers with the most relevant information and the best products currently available worldwide, so that – at the most affordable financial and time costs – they achieve their proposed goal: MANAGING A DIET AND A LIFESTYLE AS HEALTHY AS POSSIBLE OR THE ONE THAT IS SUITABLE FOR THEIR DISEASE! In the approximately 20 years since the establishment of the first company in our group, we have decisively contributed to the promotion and development of Special Hygienic Diets / Lifestyle Interventions based on the principles of Orthomolecular Nutritional Phenotypes and Nutrigenetics (both among doctors and patients), in what concerns Bio Nutrition and High Quality Dietetics and Targeted Nutritional Supplementation. In recent years – both for better counseling of potential clients and for improving the company’s ability to promote/ educate patients and health professionals on the importance of implementing the Interventions on Lifestyle, Nutrition, Dietetics and Nutritional Supplements based on Nutritional Phenotypes or Nutrigenetics – we have funded and set up both a center specializing in counseling for Lifestyle Intervention, Nutrition and Complementary Medicine as well as many educational actions for specialists/ future specialists or for Associations of patients suffering from various diseases that require a special conduct in terms of diet and lifestyle. Thus,  at the Centrul de Dietetică, Nutriţie Oncologică şi Medicină Complementară (Center for Dietetics, Oncological Nutrition and Complementary Medicine), given the rigor of the therapeutic act, the choice and use of means of investigation, research and education themes, we have chosen and will continue to chose as tenured specialists only professionals from the medical and pharmaceutical universities. Among many other educational and patronage actions, for the last several years we have been financing – in support of the training of future specialists – an annual number of up to 12 “Dr. Albu Scholarships” for students pursuing the master’s degree “Nutrition and Quality of Life” at UMF Cluj-Napoca.


Our valutes 

The group contained several companies created between 2002 and 2010 and is – exclusively – a family business. None of the companies has any outside shareholders! Now, the several companies have merged into a single A&A Naturomedica Bio-Dietetic Group SRL. The capital is exclusively an equity capital and the contribution of financing through bank loans in order to conduct business is practically non-existent. The source of our success lies in the high professionalism and field expertise of the staff, the discipline and conduct of our carefully selected employees and collaborators doubled – most importantly – by a rigorous selection of suppliers. In the selection of the latter, the main parameter taken into account is the HIGHEST QUALITY OF PRODUCTS.


Our suppliers are top-notch!

We are or have been Representation, Official Agencies for Romania or main distributors of the following producers or brands:

  • Romania: Dr. ALBU Selections® – our own brand.
  • Japan: Ippodo TEA Co. Kyoto
  • Spain: Catalysis Sl, Cheminova-Internacional SA, Almond SL, Nutriops SL, Mayla® Pharmaceuticals, ENZIME Sabinco, ELiE Health Solution SL.
  • Germany: Haus Rabenhorst Gmbh., Rotbackchen®, 3 Pauly®, Flemming®, Guadalquivir, Fauser Vitaquell Gmbh, Flores Farm Gmbh, Ulrich Walter Gmbh, Schnitzer, Tavarlin.
  • Austria: Birkengold.
  • Belgium: Laboratoire Optim.


Our clients have resounding names in Romania!

  • importers and retailers in the pharma area such as Mediplus Exim SRL, Fildas Trading SRL, BLD Pharma SRL, Help Net pharmacies and other local pharmaceutical chains;
  • many independent pharmacies, health food stores, organic and healthy food stores both online and offline;
  • clinics, medical offices and naturopathy practices.



The annual evolution of the value of our products absorbed by the Romanian market (recommended retail prices) can be provided on request.


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